10 ways to keep fire burning in a relationship 

10 ways to keep fire burning in a relationship 

If you are reading this it means that you have been with your partner for a long time now and probably for looking for ways to keep that spark in your relationship so that you become much more stronger than ever. We all know that being with  the same partner for a long time is amazing but sometimes things can get challenging. Below are ways that will help you reconnect with your loved one.

1. Avoid Routines 

Never repeat the same thing over and over again it will start to bore your partner. For instance go to a nice outdoor picnic then after one week go for a romantic candlelight dinner or even have a sporting activity you do together.

 2. Always support them 

If you are in a relationship , always support your partner in everything they do. When your partner has a problem or is talking to you try to listen wholeheartedly and give positive advice  this will make your partner feel like the most important person in the world.

 3. Give a proper greeting 

Whenever you are meeting up with your partner , you should give them a kiss or a tight hug to show them that you had missed them. These little gestures go a long way.

 4.  Maintain your physical looks

Always try to look best for your darling. If you are a lady always put on those sexy clothes and buy more lingerie just to spice things up. Always have confidence it will make your man fall in love more and more. If you are  a man  dress to impress your sweetheart , it will definitely turn her on.

 5. Keep going for dates

If you decide to go for a date , don't make it a routine that you always going to the same place. Try to change locations as frequently as possible. It's not about going out all the time ,one can just light a fire cook something special at home. There's nothing wrong with old fashioned romance.

6. Always make time to talk

 In every relationship communication is the key to happiness. It doesn't matter if you are always busy make time to talk not just listening but concentrating on your conversation. When your partner is talking about something look them in the eyes and make it sure that you are there.

7. Don't stop the love

Being in a relationship takes a lot of effort and hard work. To keep the fire burning never stop saying "I love you". It doesn't matter if your partner knows , just say it to make things clear.

 8.  Go on a trip 

Taking your partner for a trip keeps the fire burning in your relationship. When you are going for the trip , choose a sexy and special destination that you will both enjoy. 

9. Treat them like Royalty 

When you are in a relationship with someone , always treat them in a special way that no one can ever do. Let's say when your man has had a long day , cook  his favourite meal and trust me men become more romantic when a woman does something special for them.

10.  Leave a surprise note

Almost everyone loves surprises, try doing something simple and sweet like putting a handwritten letter in their bag or jackets. Write something beautiful like " I already miss you , can't wait to see you".  Just remind your partner how special they are in your everyday life.