African foods that will surprise you!

African food is just an interpretation of the continent. These grown vegetables or fruits originate from the locals in Africa. We have seen African foods becoming very popular around the world. Below I have listed some of the African food that will surprise you for sure.

1. Mupunga unedovi (Rice with Peanut Butter)

Mupunga unedovi (Rice with Peanut Butter)

This is a Zimbabwean traditional dish which originated from Zimbabwe.  This dish is made out of simple ingredients and yet turns out to be delicious. It is made out of long grain rice , peanut butter and salt. The dish is usually cooked on special occasions like Africa day.

2. Funje


Its is one of the most popular food in Angola. Funje is an essential side dish  accompanying breakfast or lunch . its is a type of porridge that is made from cassava flour.   This funje has a sticky , smooth and a creamy texture while has a bland of intense spices found in the country. This dish waters your mouth just looking at it. 

3. Vetkoek


Vetkoek is a type of South African street food item. The ball shaped dough is make out from salt , yeast , flour and usually filled with cheese , or curry and jam.  It has a homely taste taste blows you away.

4. Muboora (Pumpkin Leaves)

 Muboora (Pumpkin Leaves)

Muboora is a traditional dish which is mostly cooked in Zimbabwe. This is made with pumpkin leaves, oil , tomatoes and onions not forgetting bicarbonate of soda. Its a dish that is usually served with pap and relish on the side. When one eats muboora it melts in your mouth and gives a spark to your taste buds. 

5. Chambo (Malawi)

Chambo (Malawi)

Comes from a fish mostly found in Lake Malawi. Its a dish worth tasting when you are in the region. This type of dish is not  found anywhere else in the world ,unless in Africa or coming from an African heritage. Its a favourite dish for African people.

6. Sadza / Pap

Sadza / Pap

It us a traditional porridge that originated from Zimbabwe. The term sadza means meal and it is served at any time of the day. The dish is make from cornmeal n water. Sadza is served with relish . Its  an interesting meal that fills your stomach and is super tasty. 

7. Tripe


Is the most common food in Africa . Tripe is a type of relish that is usually served with rice or sadza . It is a found in cows . It is mostly preferred as  the traditional tripe stew because it becomes super juicy and soft.