All set for Zimbabwe's Braai Out Zw in jungle

All set for Zimbabwe's Braai Out Zw in jungle

Since last year Braai Out Zw has been a sell-out success story. An event that will naturally have your toes curl up in excitement.Organized by Tamba Events Management it was formed in 2019 but has grown beyond many people's expectations.

The company that is based in Harare hosted 3 big events in 6 months in their first year alone and went on to get nominated for Best Promoter at the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) in January that alone speaking volumes about the kind of work they put in.

"Being new in the industry is never easy and we realized that the minute we stepped through the events door, it is not easy organizing an event when no has has ever heard of you, imagine my first call to one of the biggest artists in the country, I was told flat out we don't deal with unknown promoters and that was like a slap in the face but it pushed us to work even harder", said Nigel Chinovhiringa , Director of Tamba Events.

Braai Out Zw is about family and friends of all ages coming together to enjoy meat, drinks, music and comedy in a conducive environment. The idea of Braai Out zw came from a need to create a day where families and friends could create lasting memories and  also ensure that children would  get to watch their favorite musicians and comedians in an environment conducive for them. For the first time ever Braai Out Zw will be held outside Harare. The three day festival set for twenty-one to twenty-three December will be held in Kariba.

The event is meant to help everyone blow off some steam as the year 2020 has been anything but good and will be a welcome break that most people need.

"We at Tamba Events would like to thank our fans for the support they have given us that is why we are throwing them this big party at the same time ensuring that our packages will not put a dent in your pockets. Please stay safe you would not want miss the #Braai Out Zw in the jungle. Let us keep supporting domestic tourism."

"All Covid-19 health guidelines set by the authorities will be strictly adhered to" they said.