Check out these 4 will you marry me destinations in Zimbabwe

Check out these 4 will you marry me destinations in Zimbabwe

After searching the world over for that one person that makes your heart skip a beat, you have finally met the one. Your next question will be a series of where, how, and when. Well, I am here to help with the where so that you create that picture-perfect proposal in the right place. Let’s take a look at some of your options and why.


The one thing I love about these destinations is they are tailor-made for hopeless romantics. Outdoor shower and bath, viewing deck overlooking the water where couples can enjoy the view at sundown, hammocks in the shade, candlelit dinners, and a fire pit by the beach. Imagine popping the question with the warmth of a log fire, glass of champagne, and nothing but the sound of water around you. This will be a story that will be told over and over again on every occasion. 


To all my morning people who like to see nature coming to life in the early hours of the morning then this is for you. Head out for a walking safari around Matusadonha National Park before resting on an open plain overlooking the National Park. As you propose to your sweetheart on the safari and experience the thrill of the wild, a crowd of zebras, antelopes, and elephants will be rooting for you. Or you can even propose whilst riding the elephant with your love.


If you are a fan of 3-4 day river safaris on the Zambezi river and in it to impress then you might want to keep reading. Dunhu ramambo boats are fully fitted with a pool or jacuzzi, lounge, tv, sound system and air-conditioned sleeping quarters, cabins with en suite facilities, and queen size beds. I will have to say they sound pretty comfortable for a “yes, I will marry you” response. As a finishing touch, expect some cocktails at sunset as the boat moves from one bay to another. Cheers to that!


No doubt, Victoria Falls is the 'location' for a deluxe holiday and vacation experience. It provides exceptional services including bungee jumping and elegant new facilities. The following facilities are at guests’ disposal; A pool, bar, Beauty spa, Art Exhibition areas, gift shop, and lounge areas. But my proposal idea is not at any of these boring facilities. How about we shock her by proposing just before you bungee jump. Just don’t do it with the ring, you might lose it. So after she takes that long deep breath, shout out “will you marry me!”