Check out this ultimate bro trips guide

Check out this ultimate bro trips guide

Some of the tension that men experience stems from training men to suppress their emotions in our own environment. It is fair to say that men deserve a break, as much as women. Today, with increased visibility on mental health, for men it is at the forefront. This article brings to light some of the activities guys can take to ease the pressures from day to day hustles. 


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then we’ve found the ultimate weekend getaway for you and your fishing pals. Lake Kariba, built by damming the Zambezi River, is the largest man-made lake in the world. Many fish species, including Bream, Catfish, Eel, Bottlenose, Cornish Jack, Chessa, Nkupe, Squeaker, and the famous Tigerfish, are found in the lake. A fleet of fishing boats is ready to take you out to catch some extremely big fish, and the club is also going to clean and pack all your catches so that you can take them back with you.


Haka Park is situated just off Mutare Road past the Harare Drive roundabout right next to the entrance to the Cleveland Dam and is privately run and in very good condition. There are a variety of roofed braai spots, with benches and proper braai spots in different spots in the park, all in excellent condition. So you can be schooled on how to braai with your friends there and impress those in-laws of yours at your next braai. Thank me later! They're very private and secluded, and they sit amid some giant, massive rocks that Harare is so famous for. If you are in for a little more adventure you can try their horse riding and canoeing facilities.


My dear brothers, uncles, and fathers hiking is healthy for you. Getting outside for even a short hike regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol and help to prevent type II diabetes.  Chimanimani mountain is a great destination for you and the place to go hiking. It is a great weekend getaway for you and the guys.

I hope you have a great time exploring these activities and bring home some great memories to share with the girls.