Dating on social media platforms YES or NO

Dating on social media platforms YES or NO

From the past to the present , dating has been there for centuries and continues in new morden ways. As new means of communication is being invented , people are finding ways of getting partners sometimes not physically but using different types of social media.

 Is it a YES or NO for you?

 If you are a YES

There is nothing wrong with trying to find love on social media , I mean there is no rules book to what is right or wrong when it comes to dating. People have different ways of trying to meet new people.  There are many dating platforms like Tinder , Instagram and WhatsApp , that many people meet their partners. As for today its a normal way of dating. Below  are people who tried dating on social media .
 ' I was tired of being lonely so I decided to try a dating platform to my surprise it worked !... the person I started talking to is my current boyfriend and everything is going well .'

 'There is no problem with dating on social media like its where I found my husband and we are happily married don't hesitate to try you may get your Prince Charming!!' 

 If its a No

When it comes to dating on social media ,going back to our indigenous ways it is said to be immoral to our tradition and culture. We all know that one might be putting themselves in danger because you will not know what ones intentions are. I think we all agree that time keeps moving and things are changing but it doesn't mean one has to abandon their culture. And these leads to women enticing men. Here is one's point of view.
 ' As a person who was  up in a traditional family , social media dating is very wrong *because how can you date someone you haven't seen , I mean that doesn't make sense!!' 

 'I don't think its right  like who does that ? You will be getting yourself in trouble dating someone you don't know .' 

Well all have our own different points of  views and come from different backgrounds . So one does what feels right to them and not the next person.