Don't do these things on your first date!

Don't do these things on your first date!

Going on that first date is never easy, the nervousness, the sweating palms the indecision simply not knowing what to do and how to do it.

Whilst some may be pros when it comes to the dating field they are many who struggle especially on their first date...This is what you may do when you find yourself on one.

     Do not be late for a date purposefully

  • In particular the first date,no matter what there is no apparent and convincing reason to be late for a date.
  • Could it be traffic jam,doing make up or your hair,being aware of that fact,be time conscious and prepare ahead of time.
  • Being late portrays a strong impression of being disrespectful and irresponsible.

     Do not wear something uncomfortable

  • There is no need to get high inched heels or a nice night dress or a suit only to realise that you look so clumsy and awkward in them.This will blow off the spirit of confidence.
  • Wear something you know looks good on you .
  • As this evokes self esteem and confidence but would not hinder you from being yourself.

      Do not pay attention to your cell phone

  • Frequently checking your phone ,is a clear indication of being rude and disrespectful.It is a big turn-off to have a conversation with a person glued on his or her cell phone.
  • Do to your date what you want them to do to you.Responding to every text,call is without any doubt,DISTRACTING and UNNECESSARY.
  • Show maturity and keep your cell phone in your pocket or bag.


     Do not brag about yourself

  • Avoid talking about your successes,achievements,how famous you are or how rich you are as this can intimidate your date which will result in your date being uncomfortable and will not be open enough.
  • Do not talk or ask about your ex or your date's ex.No need to involve your dating history.
  • But if these topics are brought in,speak out politely if you are comfortable or not.Be frank.

Do not be dependent.

  • When dinner is served,you will lose nothing if you take a birdlike bite.If you believe that your date should always pay,its a grave mistake.
  • Obviously your date can deny to make you pay,then offer to share the bill or at least leave a tip.Probably your date decline,then make the first move to pay for the cab,movie tickets or a round of drinks.
  • But if you offer to pay or share the bill, definitely,pay.Do not be dependent.

      Do not be loose

  • Be a little hard to get ,getting down and dirty on the first date is never really a good idea.
  • Know your limits, in spite,of having fun and illuminating the mood.Do not get wasted.
  • Have values and adhere to them,this will send a stronger first impression

Do not interrogate your date

  • A convectional conversation will enable to scrutinise the suitor on a date,at the same time maintaining humour and boldness.
  • Know the questions to ask and how to ask them.Work,family,hobbies,favourite music,movies,ambitions are instances of necessary issues to discuss however,political views,religion,history of exes and income are to be out of the picture.
  • Above all,do not interrogate rather engage into a convectional conversation

        Do not share personal details,too soon

  • Be open,but do not share deep seated personal details about your life after only knowing anyone for thirty minutes.
  • Its inappropriate and invalid.
  • Select carefully what to talk and what not to talk about,some of the information,keep it to yourself and wait for the appropriate time to be fully open.

       Do not hunt your date on social media

  • If you had a wonderful time remember to make a follow up either by texting or even calling but make it casual but not too casual.
  • To add on,do not stalk your date on any conceivable social media platforms.Wait for the opportune moment that is after you have gone out a couple of times
  • Remain a mystery to appear powerful