Explore this Zimbabwean wonder..Mtarazi Falls

Explore this Zimbabwean wonder..Mtarazi Falls

Fun fact! The Mutarazi Falls are the highest in Zimbabwe at 772 meters, the second-highest in Africa, and the 17th highest in the world. Mutarazi Falls occur at a point where the Mutarazi River flows over the edge of the eastern escarpment of Zimbabwe's highlands and are generally viewed by visitors from the top of the falls, a heart-stopping sight, as the river flows over the cliff face 762 meters (2,499 ft.) in two almost indistinguishable tiers into the Honde Valley. So let’s delve deeper into this must-go-to place in Zimbabwe.


Mtarazi Falls is just 11.5Kkm from Pungwe Falls, it is situated in the 2,495 hectares Mutarazi National Park adjacent to the southern boundary of the Nyanga National Park.


The Mutarazi Falls are also the first area to be declared a national park as and the park is managed jointly with the National Park of Nyanga. Mutarazi Falls was thought to be the world's fifth-highest waterfall until 2002. The Gocta Cataracts waterfall was discovered in 2002, pushing the Mutarazi Falls to 6th place as the world's highest waterfall. The length of the two levels drops to over 479 m and, while the waterfall may be the second-highest in Africa, it is also one of the narrowest with a width of just 15 m.


Where do I even begin when it comes to activities, there is so much you can do and just a disclaimer: these activities are not for the weak-hearted. 
Rope courses: There are rope courses and different packages for family and those adrenaline junkies. One of the packages includes rope bridges, swings, zip lines, nets, and a lot more fun little challenges.
Giant Swing: In Southern Africa, their Giant Swing is the only one of its kind. You will have the unforgettable sensation of free-falling for a few meters, followed by the rush of wind as your pendulum screams until you can no longer scream.
Skywalk: If you ever dreamed of mid-air walking, then this is for you. The Sky Walk consists of two bridges, one of which is 30 m above the lip of the Falls and the other of which is 90 m above the whole of the Falls. The 2 suspension bridges are built to look like vines above the Falls, allowing the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings to have a complete panoramic view as never before.
Skyline: In the country, the SkyLine is the most beautiful zip line. You can find yourself soaring through clouds or crystal clear skies over the 2nd highest waterfall in Africa, depending on the day and weather. At an average height of 500 m and flying for 400 m at 50-70km / hr. It is uplifting as well as exhilarating.
Water rafting: In the Honde valley, you can enjoy water rafting on the Pungwe River. It is situated in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Each travel is very distinct from the next, but both are excellent experiences. They are all participatory requiring guests to self paddle their raft down the river under guidance from a professional river guide. Anything between the Pungwe River has it all, from a fun-filled family day out to an adrenaline-pumping good non-stop action.
Other activities include; river bugging, kayaking, bird watching, orienteering, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and camping.


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