Today we are crushing on Zimbabwean Rapper Holy Ten real name Mukudzei Chitsama.The Kante hit maker has captivated his fans with songs like Back to back, Dripset, Pay the bill and Muchadzoka. An upcoming Hip-hop artist with a message to convey.His passion for song, his storytelling, is irresistible to his audience.

According to the artist Holy Ten is a messenger, who carries a thousand people on his back, those people who have a story and have trusted him to tell it to the world, the graduate who is hiding their gown, the mother who cannot pay her child's tuition fee,and does not understand why he has started taking drugs and the son who is taking drugs and also has a story that needs to be heard.And  finally that girlchild that is knee-deep in a relationship with a sugar daddy.

His lyrics tell a whole story and a truth that noone else can as many are afraid of consequences that might come with speaking out against certain people or government.

The artist feels his best song yet is, "Pay the bill", which he wrote when he was bitter about friendship and love.He like many other artists lamented on how Covid-19 has affected him but then added that it had changed people's minds in certain aspects of their lives. "l feel that Covid-19 has made us all sit down and think and everyone has actually sat down and listened which is what we need to do right now."

Holy Ten's position within the rap game is top-notch. His song Back to back made No.1 on the local radio charts.He has also been nominated for four awards and won one in 2018.His next album is expected to come out in 2021 , and he has hinted that his songs will be based on how the world stands at the moment, "No money ,no love".And we cannot wait to hear what he has to say next.