Is Africa winning in it's fight against Covid-19?

Is Africa winning in it's fight against Covid-19?
A boda-boda, or motorcycle taxi, driver wears a makeshift mask made from a local fabric known as Kitenge. (AP Photo/Patrick Ngugi) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The emergence of the novel coronavirus was unexpected  and has left a trail of destruction in it's wake.No-one could have envisioned that the year 2020 would be filled with so much anxiety and so many tears.

Covid-19 is a respiratory condition caused by a coronavirus and was declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020.To date the world has recorded 26,415,380 cases and 870 286 deaths.

Africa's first case was confirmed in 14 February 2020 in Egypt.Experts were worried about  the virus spreading to Africa because of it's inadequate health care system,lack of funding for enough protective equipment and the poor living conditions in some parts of the continent that make social distancing rules be difficult to adhere to.So pessimistic were the estimates for Africa it brought nothing but deep seated fear in the hearts of many all over the continent.

However Africa has been doing surprisingly well when it comes to covid-19 and it has left many asking the question why?So far Africa has 1,284,440 confirmed cases, and 30,854 deaths which is way lower than the numbers that were initially predicted for the continent.

Many of those who have tested positive in Africa are either asymptomatic or are presenting mild to moderate symptoms of the virus.

Some are of the opinion that  Africa has more young people than other continents like Europe which had a lot of old people who were more susceptible to the disease, and some have also attributed the low numbers to low testing capacity in African countries however the low mortality rate cannot be denied even in the event that it may also be that it is under-reported.South Africa has the highest number of Covid-19 cases recording a staggering 635,078 and 14,678 deaths.Egypt 99,583, Morocco 68,605, Nigeria54 743, Ethiopia 56,516 Ghana 44,777.

Most African countries appear to have flattened the curve and are reporting a drop in cases but some countries are still recording a rise in covid-19 cases. Whilst the continent has a long way to go in combating the virus and all protective measures still need to be adhered to strictly like before as there is no room for complacency.But it has given a light of hope to the whole continent that maybe just maybe Africa has been spared from the worst of the pandemic.