Lets get packing

Lets get packing

Am I the only one who forgets to pack my toothbrush when I travel? Somehow you are bound to forget to pack something in your bag. I hope you will not forget anything on the packing list I am going to share. Of course, you are going to pack this after your undies, and as for people like me, your toothbrush!


I don’t like airport drama, so let us get to the important things first. I would suggest exchanging your money for the currency you are going to be using on your trip. It would also be safe to carry your currency for when you go back to your country after your African Safari. Also carry your ATM card (visa card), although I wouldn’t recommend this as this will most likely be expensive for you. Another travel document you need is your PASSPORT. If you intend to leave the country your passport should be valid for at least 6 months and will have at least 2 pages to stamp per country you are visiting. To cover everything you need, don’t forget your travel insurance. You can leave a copy with someone in your country just in case of an emergency. Speaking of emergency, keep your emergency numbers on your travel documents. So have your money, ATM visa card, passport, and travel insurance packed!


I can’t imagine a second without either my phone or laptop so I will have to carry my charger so that I can use them. A power bank, hard drive, or flash drive, an adapter will come into use on your trip. If you have a multi-way extension lead or charger then that will be a win for you. Don’t forget that camera to capture all the beautiful scenery and moments.


We need to freshen up now and then. So make sure you have your soap(just small enough to fit in your toiletry bag, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary products, hand sanitizer, body lotion, toilet paper, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner(we don’t want sweaty and a bad odour coming from your hair. Africa is pretty hot and a sunscreen of 30 and above is healthy for your skin. I love Neutrogena Ultra Day Touch Sunscreen. Look for heel cream for those feet, all that walking will leave your feet with cracks and very sore. Keep those bugs away on your safari with an Insect repellent. I am one of those people who doesn’t like bugs disturbing my peace and I start with this. Carry your Malaria tablets and first aid kit just incase.


Like I said earlier, the African sun can be very hot and carrying a hat and pair of sunglasses will be good for your eyes and face. I would recommend those hats with something that will keep it from being blown away. If you are heading somewhere with a beach, then take a sarong or more usually, take a rainbow kimono.  If you are going to be spending a lot of time on safaris and camping carry a warm jumper or jacket, a scarf, lightweight rain jacket, vest tops, loose comfortable pants, maxi dress or skirt, swimsuit, pyjamas, shorts, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt to protect your skin from the harsh sun. or shoes you might want to consider trainers or boots, these are comfortable for those long walks and protect your feet from being hurt by sharp objects. Carry your flip flops, sandals,  and a pair of cheap water shoes just in case you have to walk in damp areas.

To conclude, there is a lot you can bring on your trip to Africa, I just touched on a few of the basics. So ask yourself, do I need this or it’s just extra baggage?