List of some Zim Celebrities accused of skin bleaching

List of some Zim Celebrities accused of skin bleaching

Celebrity skin bleaching is a prevalent thing, and there are many reasons for it. While the majority change their appearance to get more business deals, other celebrities embarked on the course because they prefer a lighter complexion. Some do it to extend their relevance in the cutthroat world of entertainment. Whatever the reason, there are many celebrities who lighten their skin. Skin bleaching is the toning, brightening, lightening or whitening of the skin colour.

Most of the celebrities mentioned below have refused the skin bleaching allegations while some of them have avoided confirming or denying the allegations.

1. Pokello Nare 

Its been a long debate on whether the stunning socialite Pokello Nare has bleached her skin. Some Individuals on social media claimed that Pokello bleaches her skin in retaliation to claims that she said women in Zimbabwe do not know how to bath while addressing women at a grooming conference held in Harare. Pokello has however rubbished the claims and to convince her critics that she was born a natural “yellow-bone” the former Big Brother Africa housemate pulled her old photos from the archives and posted them on social media.

2. Tyra Munetsiwa (Madam boss)

Over the last two years Tyra Munetsiwa has transformed right in front of our eyes. She has however admitted that she bleaches to make her skin lighter. Tyra said she began skin bleaching when she was in South Africa because she didn't like the darker parts of her body. As she continued to bleach those dark patches, they became whiter than the rest of her body and the cycle of bleaching began.

3. Killer T

Zimdancehall musician Killer T inspired a craze called “you are not ugly, you’re just broke” on social media.The craze which was used positively by many to reflect on their life journeys began after Killer T posted an image of himself looking very clean as if he had had a makeover. He was applauded by most followers who were quick to pull out his old images to compare them with the recent image. The difference was noticeable as the Mbare-bred musician has undoubtedly cleaned up well over the years. This however led to some skin bleaching allegations which Killer T has denied.

4. Andy Muridzo

Controversial musician Andy Muridzo received a lot of backlash from his followers after posting a ‘glow up’ image of himself next to an old one when he looked less flattering. Many were not pleased with what they perceive to be a skin color change on Muridzo’s part. 
Andy Muridzo has however slammed the rumors, saying instead it’s the result of a better lifestyle and being able to afford better cosmetics well suited for his skin.

5. Bev Sibanda 

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda is one of the few celebrities who have confirmed that they bleach their skin. Bev said that there is nothing wrong with using skin lightening chemicals as everyone who has money is doing it. She claimed that many local prominent people were using bleaching chemicals and specifically gave the example of her alleged former lover Andy Muridzo.