Sharonrose Minhiri is a gem that you need to follow!

Sharonrose Minhiri is a gem that you need to follow!

Sharonrose Manhiri is a Zimbabwean singer and songwriter  based in the United Kingdom looking to breakthrough in the music industry. A beautiful young lady with a  stunning voice,Khanyi Play writer Elizabeth Sitotombe (E.S) got in touch with Sharonrose (S.R)to learn more about the aspiring singer.

E.S: Tell me more about Sharonrose?

S.R: Sharonrose is a singer and songwriter who is based in England but was born in the beautiful City of Mutare, Zimbabwe. I love my roots, I love being a Zimbabwean and that is something I believe people can hear in my music. I like to fuse my identity into what I do so many people call me an Afro-soul musician.

E.S:  Which among your songs do you feel is the best and how many songs have you released so far?

S.R: So far I have only released one song which was a dedication to my cousin who passed away, its called Fly Away and is available on Youtube. I have written many songs though and am in the process of recording them. Every song is like my baby, each one is special to me because it represents a season or a moment I have experienced, felt or witnessed, so it's hard for me to choose one that I can call the best. I think once I release my music I will have to let people decide what their best song is.

E.S: Do your family members support the route you took as a musician?

 S.R: I think most Zimbabweans can testify that it is not easy to get support from our families when you have dreams or aspirations that they see as unorthodox, such as being a musician. I think it took some adjusting to as I don't come from a particularly musical family but I'm glad to say I've managed to convince my family that this is my path and my purpose because every talent is God given for a reason. They have seen my passion for music and how happy it makes me.

E.S:  If you had an opportunity to open a show for any local artist who would it be and why?

S.R: That's a very hard choice to make because I just love so many artists in Zimbabwe. There are so many that I would love to work with and love to open shows for so I will leave this one open for invitations hahaha.

E.S:  Should we be on the lookout for a new single or album?    

Yes I am currently working on my first EP(Extended Play) and I am really excited about this as I am finally sharing my music with the world. The first single from the EP is called Khumbu'lekhaya and I will be releasing it in this month of September as it is my birthday month. I want to celebrate life this year by giving others a gift and I am doing that by releasing the song with a video that I hope people will enjoy.

E.S: Music can make or break a mood. It allows us to feel all kinds of emotions, describe what music is to you.

S.R: Music for me is many things but most importantly it is healing. I'm a person who writes and creates from emotion, and experience. I take my best and worst moments and turn them into music that I hope can bring joy, comfort and strength to others.

E.S: When did you first start to sing and what inspired you to do so?      

S.R: I have been singing since I was a very young girl growing up in the church. I have been told that while I should have been reading children's first books to learn how to read I was reading hymn books so I could go and sing in church. I still sing in the church and this is where my gift has developed. I like to say I don't think people choose to do music but I believe music chooses the person. So the passion to sing was always in me.

E.S: Besides music do you have any other profession?

S.R: I am a qualified Human Resources professional and that is my 9-5 job. I am a creative person so you will also find me doing various other things such as hair and makeup for clients .etc however my first and truest love is and will always be music.

E.S: You are also a pastor's daughter, does this limit you in any way?

S.R: I am yes so I was raised in the church which has shaped the person that I am. I wouldn't say it limits me but my faith is a big part of me so it has an impact on the songs that I write. While I am not a gospel musician, I am particular about the messages that I put out in my music. I sing about love a lot but my lyrics are always clean and positive and in line with my beliefs.

E.S: You also play instruments, do you play any of these in the songs that you are soon to release.

S.R: Yes I play guitar and a bit of drums. While I have left the drum playing to the experts, you may hear me on some songs playing acoustic guitar. Every song I write starts with just me and a guitar so even if I don't end up playing in the studio, my guitar lines and ideas will always be present throughout the music, and l have been working with some amazing musicians though and for Khumbu'lekhaya the music was played by an amazing band from Bulawayo called The Outfit. So for this one I didn't play guitar in the studio, that was done by Sam Siwela and Blessing Stot who also produced the song.

E.S: In one of your interviews on you tube you mentioned that you fell in love with System Tazvida and John Chibadura's music that was kind of surprising seeing how our generation most of them shun that kind of music ,needless to say which Zimbabwean artists do u have on your playlist now.

S.R: Hahaha oh yes I think a few people were surprised by that. I wasn't exposed to a lot of that music growing up as my parents pretty much only played gospel music. When I got a little older I started going on Youtube myself and looking for music and I fell in love with music from back home. I would spend hours listening to System Tazvida, John Chibadura, of course Oliver Mtukudzi. He actually inspired a lot of my style and my decision to play guitar over any other instrument. I would say he is still the artist that I listen to on a daily basis. I listen to many other Zimbabwean artists a lot as I just love the talent our country has to offer. To just name a few that I adore there's Nyasha David, Sylent Nqo, Tamy Moyo, Gary Tight, Victor Kunonga, Berita. I'm even afraid to do a list because I know I can't finish them all but there are some incredible artists in our country, I love what they are doing.

E.S: Is there anything you would like to add?

S.R: I'm just very excited to finally be releasing my music and doing what I love. If I have learnt anything in 2020 its that life is short and so unpredictable. My message to anyone who will read this is while you can, do what you love. Don't let doubt, fear, society's expectation or anything stop you, just go for it, live your dreams and also where I talked about the video I am releasing, Khumbu'lekhaya can we just mention that I worked on the video with a great director in Bulawayo, MK of FMG.

E.S.: This has been quite insightful.Thank you for the interview.