She nearly dropped out because of mockery 57 year old Ghana JHS graduate tells BBC

She nearly dropped out because of mockery  57 year old Ghana JHS graduate tells BBC

Striving to achieve a certain goal in the face of resistance and unforseen obstacles is very hard, often at times we give up along the way because it has become too hard but sometimes determination is the only key to success. Elizabeth Yamoah from Ghana, has not only silenced her critics , but she has done herself proud after graduating from Junior High School at the age of 57.

The mother of four, had to drop out of primary school after the death of her father. Soon after finding herself with a lot of spare time, Elizabeth sew herself a school uniform and went to her village school and announced that she was starting school. The determination by Elizabeth, to get some basic education, drove her to walk three miles to school every day. Mrs Yamoah's headteacher told CTV, that the 57-year-old also suffered lots of abuse and scorn during her three-year journey at school. According to Mrs Yamoah, she nearly gave up at one point because she could no longer handle the trolling from some women in her village.

“They kept scorning and asking me what I was going to school for at my age. It nearly got to me at a point and I almost gave up. In fact, I stopped schooling for a while because of the scorn but the headteacher intervened and I resumed," she said. Elizabeth completed Junior High School on the 18th of September 2020 and is looking to enroll for Senior High School, her dream is to become a nurse. She is such an inspiration to everyone out there, it's never too late to become who you aspire to be.