The rise of Fungai Mujeyi the Zimbabwean songbird!

The rise of Fungai Mujeyi the Zimbabwean songbird!

Today we are crushing on a young and dynamic rising artiste Fungai Mujeyi. A 19 year old vibrant young  lady with a talent that cannot go unnoticed. Doing the cover for Diana Samukange's Kumagumo Erudo she managed to capture people with her on point vocals. The Wakautambisa Moyo hit maker has always had a love for music from a very tender age.

Wakautambisa Moyo (You played with my heart) speaks of a broken heart that has been irreparably damaged. The singer laments on the unexpected change in her partner's behavior and how his sudden withdrawal from being the lover she knew caused many sleepless nights.The story she tells is heart wrenching and evokes a lot of emotions especially to those going through a break-up.

The support of family in the career of a family member plays a pivotal role in building their confidence and  Fungai's mum and sister have played a very important role in moulding her career as they have always  supported her dream and cheered her on.She is currently attending a music school where she seeks to perfect her talent.

"Music has always been a hiding play for me.It allows me to deal with all kinds of stress, l either sing it or play", says the singer.

Currently Fungai is preparing  her 4th single whilst also working in collaboration with Batsirai Shasha an afro jazz artist . "We have come up with a duo called NJIVA it's a combo of me and Batsirai Shasha we have since recorded one single . We are working on two more singles . The idea was adapted from Mafikizolo."The hardworking young musician has so much in store for her fans and intends to release 8 singles by the end of the year .