Thinking of a day trip out of Harare? Check out these places.

Thinking of a day trip out of Harare? Check out these places.

You have to admit living in the city can be a little draining sometimes, whay with that 9-5 job. You might just need a breather from that one boss you can’t stand. Or you are tired of being home all day and could use a day trip to somewhere with nothing but fresh air and a captivating view. You might want to consider taking a trip to one of these close unique places that no one talks of but are amazing.

Most of you might have not have heard about this place, not shocking at all. It is located 28 km off the Mutare road from Harare, just before central Ruwa. Seven San rock art sites along some nature trails are included in this nature park. Since it has a big "jungle gym," braai/picnic area, some animals, an aerial slide, pool table, croquet, and mini-golf, it's very child-friendly. You can bring your food or you can buy braai packs and soft drinks there. Pre-booking is important.


Next destination, Mbizi Game park! Located 22 km outside Harare on the Twentydales rd, is quiet ground, full of mystery and self-contained cottages, for every visitor's comfort. If you are into Game drives, fishing, canoeing, bush walks, and viewing of rock painting then you should start planning for it this weekend! In the tea garden, you can bring your picnic or buy refreshments. 


There is a game park on the property neighboring Mwanga Lodge and it provides lodging, elephant rides, canoeing, game drives, and walks. You can do a day safari that includes an animal sanctuary tour, morning tea, an elephant ride, a canoe trip, lunch, and a game drive. You can view lions, hyenas, monkeys at very reasonable prices at the Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary too. It’s just located 40 km from Harare off the Shamva Rd.


Another place located 40 km out of Harare, off the Mutare Road is this boutique winery that has an interesting package. A restaurant, game park, fishing field, canoeing, rock art, horse riding, accommodation, and polo grounds are also included in this "boutique winery," all set around a dam in the serene Nyamasanga River Valley. In the thatched lodges which overlook the lakes and valley, accommodation is available. Pre-booking is crucial for any visit so pick up the phone and book an appointment!